'I know how to get along and live humbly [in difficult times], and I also know to enjoy abundance and live in prosperity. In any and every circumstance I have learned the secret [of facing life], whether well-fed or going hungry, whether having an abundance or being in need.'

Ever felt like the world is against you: like everything and everybody have set themselves against you? Ever felt like the very air you draw for life is drawing out the life in you? One moment you’re excited at the prospect of your life's endeavors, the other moment you just freeze and wonder if this is life you’re living.

Your mind so burdened with thoughts of fears and worries that your head begins to ache in a manner you can't explain. You feel thin on the inside; sort of stretched. Those around you have no idea or can't understand what you're going through. You know you're no longer yourself but a shadow of yourself. The wind of life rocking and vigorously hitting hard on your boat: all your plans going down the drain. See, it's like your whole life is been expunged.

At a time, you paused and thought of ending it now but didn't have the ability to, and then you hoped you'd close your eyes and not open them the next day but only on the other side. Hmm, disappointment upon disappointments; like when you take two steps forward, you have to take four steps backward.

You ask yourself, ''why me, why me, why?'' 'Life's not fair', you say. But guess what? I've been there and I think life is fair. What's not fair is how we interpret, react or our perception towards the things that life throws at us. We need to understand that what we face in life isn’t what determines the outcome of our lives but how we respond to those things, is what ultimately determines the outcome of our lives. It doesn’t take much to see the negative aspect of all that has happened to you, you see them at a glance. Likewise, it’s also very easy to point fingers at one ‘demonic force’ or the other manipulating you which by the way I can seem to fathom. Question, wouldn’t it be better to look at the bright side and approach life from the point of victory than from a victim mentality?

We are victims of circumstances if we think of ourselves as such. History has records of many men and women who shaped the circumstances of their lives, taking hold of the negative and turning it into positive. The likes of Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, and Helen Keller just to name a few, these folks had a knowing that life doesn’t just happen to you and even if it does happen, you can always overturn, look at the bright side and forge on. Pointing accusing fingers and walking around as victims wasn’t an option for them.
Ask Joseph, he'll tell you it wasn't fair for him to be sold a slave nor to be accused of sleeping with his boss' wife and be thrown in prison, neither was it fair not to hear from someone he had helped only after few years. But I guess the outcome was fair (being a prime minister overnight). Joseph wasn’t playing the victim either. If he was, he wouldn’t have the time to give his best at the responsibilities that was given him nor would he have known what to do in solving the national problem that was going to befall Egypt at that time.

Another guy, Paul, said, ‘…I have learned the secret [of facing life]…’ and because of that secret, he said, he is ready for anything and equal to anything that life throws at him through Christ who infuses him with inner strength and confident peace. 

Listen, you're worth the blood of Jesus. You are born from victory and no matter the weight of the stuff that life throws at you, you'll come out victorious. Grace is at work in you and walking you through it all. Be the best you were met to be in even in the face of adversity. You're highly loved and treasured.

Live from Rest!

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