The gospel is good news. It is not sometimes bad and sometimes good. It doesn’t mood swing because it springs from the unfailing love of the Father’s heart towards humanity. It is good, good, good—glad tidings all the way! The message of the gospel overwhelms with peace, embraces with love, empowers with grace. The gospel doesn’t inspire fear, condemn, make you feel guilty, make a monument out of your shortcomings but rather, identifies you completely with Christ and calls your righteousness in him to place. Therein lies the simplicity of the gospel. However, many are not at home with the simplicity and are out to complicate it. In my quest to find out why a lot of people are hitting hard against the gospel and name calling all those who proclaim it, the only thing that came to mind is that they’ve been brainwashed into believing what they think the gospel is as a result of long held teachings passed down to them.

An experiment was performed in which flying insects were placed in a closed jar. For a while, the insects flew to the top and tried to get past the lid of the jar, but after struggling for a time, they stopped trying and only flew as high as they could. Offspring born to these insects now residing in captivity never saw their parents fly above a certain level. Later, when the lid of the jar was removed, even though the insects could have flown out of the jar, they didn’t. They were born in captivity and never knew they could fly above that one realm of existence. This explains exactly how it has been with ‘church’ for years. We have had certain traditions and belief systems handed to us by our ‘church fathers’, pastors and parents who never thought to look beyond what was passed down to them. Rather, they embraced those teachings, built on them and as such treat the gospel with disregard and those who proclaim it. To them, any teaching that is not in alignment with that which was passed down to them is inconsequential and as such is labelled heresy even if the scripture clearly points otherwise.

Yesterday, I received an email with the subject; ‘The Social Gospel’ there was a little preview and a link referring me to the site to continue reading. Here’s the preview, ‘Dangerously, there are multiple cheap powerless counterfeit so called gospel or social gospel, easy-to-listen gospel which is powerless to change life, simple for everyone to be at home with; the ‘once saved forever saved, eternal security nonsense that is flying around…’’
My heart sank within me reading those few lines and it became more glaring to me that when people can’t see what God has done because they look with the wrong lens—the lens of religion which places a limitation on their sight, they stumble all over themselves. I said to myself:

a.      Is the gospel cheap because it came at the death and resurrection of Christ?
b.      Is it powerless to change life because it’s the power of God unto salvation?
c.       Is it counterfeit because it exalts the efficacious authenticity of the finished work of Christ?
d.      Is it once saved forever saved nonsense because Christ was offered up once and for all for the sin of the world and the putting away of the Old Testament and cannot be put to death again?
e.       Is it eternal security nonsense because we died with Christ and were raised up with Him, seated in the heavenly places in Him and are as He is in this world?
f.        Does the simplicity of the gospel make it less true? Is it simple because those who proclaim it made it so or it is simple in itself?

As the insects from the experiment could not fly above a certain level, in the same way we cannot climb above the ladder of our belief system. Except we consciously question those beliefs and be humble enough to put them aside and embrace new perspective, we will remain trapped in the jar, limited. Religion has failed to teach us that through Christ there is no longer any limitation put upon us and that the veil has been torn: the way into the most holy place opened and God seats enthroned in our heart.

Friends, don't live your life based on unscriptural conviction inspired by fear that was passed down to you and be too quick to pass judgment or turned off by the gospel simply because it’s too simple and poses a threat to all that was passed down to you.

Grace to you!

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