The way we think about ourselves, the way we see the world, the way we understand reality, the way we interpret all of life’s experiences, our understanding of purpose, and the way we respond to what happens to us and around us; good or bad, success or failure, shows how much knowledge we have of our identity. Identity is who we are. It is the very core of our being. It is our true self; the self that lies on the inside. Identity is not about what we do but who we are. It is our state of being. However, our identity inspires greatly the things we do. 

Unfortunately, many of us often spend our lives living out of sync with who we are. We thrive to fit into the box that others have created for us instead of standing out. We define our lives on the basis of what others think with little or no idea of who we are. We define our lives based on our financial stability, our occupation, academic qualifications and other superficial stuff and when these stuffs are not there, we feel our entire live is a mess! We feel we are nothing, like our life is a mistake. This is a proof we are in crisis; identity crisis. 

Identity crisis is a feeling of unhappiness and confusion caused by not being sure about who you are or what the true purpose of your life is. It is trying to be who you already are. Identity crisis is a prison both literally and figuratively. It traps who you are and places a barrier or restriction on you. It is frustrating living life without a deep-rooted sense of identity. It is the source from which manipulation, guilt, fear, and pressure spring. Peace of mind comes when we are in harmony with our true self: our identity.

People with identity crisis live from the outside in. They are like a thermometer, they conform to their environment. They adapt to their environment more quickly; adjust themselves to the situation rather than adjusting their situation to the person on the inside. 

Identity is the place of fulfillment in life: the station of our being where all that we are about resonates from. The place where we are simply human being and not human doing. The place of freedom with no yoke or burden placed on us, no room for complacency: Freedom of thought, freedom of passion, of purpose, freedom to allow your inner self shine and allow your soul glow, freedom to soar beyond limitation. You were made in the image of God; you bear the imprint of divinity. He made you to reflect his creativity, his resourcefulness. Just see beneath the surface of your appearance. True freedom comes from knowing who God is and knowing who we are in Christ.

Our identity is not tied to stuff but rather, stuffs are tied to our identity. Everything you’ll ever need in life is tied to your identity. Identity is who you are when everything is gone. It is what remains when everything else fades.

Friends, peek through the windows of your inside and see what a wonder you are. See how blessed you are, see how complete you are in Christ. See how boundless and infinite the potentials he has stored up in you. What lies within you, your identity is what ultimately empowers you to be everything you can be and nothing else. Live from the place of your identity. Don’t try to fit in, stand out for in standing out, you are living out who you are. Don’t try to be different because you are different. You are your greatest asset; your oil well, your gold mine. 

Live from rest!

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